LELA the Pig supports the nuns at Sanatorio Mazatlan

DSC04866During the month of October 2015, LELA the Pig turns towards the oldest hospital in Mazatlan “Sanatorio Mazatlan”. The hospital is run by 7 nuns, who take care of patients from all backgrounds.

DSC04865Sanatorio Mazatlan was the first hospital in Mazatlan, managed by the Sisters of the Holy Heart of Jesus since 1934.  This congregation of nuns originates from Guadalajara, Jalisco and their founder is the first Mexican saint Maria de Jesus Sacramentado. In those days there was no public hospital available and every patient was treated at Sanatorio Mazatlan. Until 1980 the first public hospital opened for the public and the work load for the nuns decreased.

Currently Sanatorio Mazatlan has 15 hospital beds, 2 operating rooms, intensive care and X-ray facilities. The nuns work day and night shifts, prepare food for patients, tend to spiritual needs and administrate the hospital. Sanatorio Mazatlan depends completely on donations and they do no receive any government funds. Patients without healthcare insurance are attended without charge.

Currently the Emergency Room is poorly equipped. Your generous donations will go towards purchasing two neccesary pieces of equipment for the work of the nuns. You’ll be proud to know that each $1USD-bill helps to buy a defibrillator and a heart monitor. These machines will help save hundreds of people’s lifes! LELA the Pig will reveal how much she collected at the end of October. You can follow her every move on http://www.lelathepig.com or http://www.facebook.com/lelathepig.




LELA the Pig helps patient with rheumatoide arthritis

LELA the Pig (www.lelathepig.com) is always on the lookout for causes worth supporting. Many times we receive helpful suggestions from guests who visited us at Salsa and Salsa (www.salsaandsalsa.com). In September 2013 the Dancing Chefs found a cause closer by home, to be more precise: on the island of Cozumel! This month we did not collect donations for an organisation but for a woman who has chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Here is her story:
Lulu“My full name is Marie de Lourde Cienfuegos Lopez. I’m 43 years old. When I was 10 years old, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I have received many treatments from anti-inflammatory medication, chemo therapy and inmuno suppressors. Currently I’m taking Arava-20mgs with an aproximate monthly cost of $1600 pesos. Apart of this I also take:
  • Meloxicam 15mgs
  • Cartigen NF
  • Calcort 6mg
  • Vitamins, collagen and calcium

Due to the fact that I’ve been sick for so many years, the arthritis has affected my knees. Therefore I have osteo arthritis now and in the long term I will need a prothesis in both knees. On daily basis my knees are painful and swollen. Currently I’m seeing a doctor in Cancun who applies laser and electro therapy to create a inter-articular space in my left knee. Afterwards he will inject plasma and tissue from knee to create a kind of cushion, so the bones won’t deteriorate any further. My leg will begin to regenerate and I will have more flexibility and movement. This treatment will take aproximately 5 months. 

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the people who have donated to LELA the Pig for their generous donation. Thanks to your help I will be able to continue with my treatment.


Maria de Lourdes Cienfuegos Lopez”


She also shared a short poem with us, which we translated from Spanish:

Salsa LelaSome people are like umbrellas,

that protect us from the storm.

Even when you’re far away,

their love will keep you warm.

When the world is cold and grey,

and it’s hard to finish the day,

It’s good to know that you are there.

It’s good to know that you care!


LOVE from Lela the Pig


Paws up for the Dancing Chefs!

It’s no secret that all the Dancing Chefs are big animal lovers! We already supported the pets from Joplin, which were victims of the tornado in May. Sadly enough in Mexico there are many street dogs and cats that have to fend for themselves. In Los Cabos for instance, there is no governmental agency to address the problem of homeless domestic animals living on the streets.

Luckily the Los Cabos Humane Society has taken it upon itself to promote the humane treatment of domestic animals through education, pet population control, rescue and adoption. In 2010 they performed 3100 surgeries (580 more than was budgeted!), 352 total adoptions, educated over 1500 local school children and made several much needed improvements to the Centre. This year they have a very ambitious goal of sterilizing 6000 animals in the Los Cabos area and they will be setting up a “mobile clinic” in San Jose neighborhoods working in conjunction with Servicios Publicos (department that cleans the city). Their operating budget in 2010 was $21,500 USD per month. For 2011 they have budgeted 23,200 per month to help them reach this year’s goals.

We are pleased to announce that Lela the Donating Pig has collected $327USD to allow the Los Cabos Humane Society to continue their wonderful labour.


Dancing Chef Heidi from Cabo has her own personal connection with the Los Cabos Humane Society. Here’s a photo of Heidi with her cats “Kaliman” (L) and “Zsa Zsa” (R)… It might not be the greatest shot but it’s not easy to photograph cats who don’t want to be photographed haha (as you can probably tell by the way Kaliman is trying to claw his way to freedom!)


She brought Kaliman home from the shelter when he was about two years old. A year later, she found Zsa Zsa living in a tree next to her apartment (she was only about 4-6 weeks old at the time). So, she took her in and the two have been in love with each other ever since (just check out the photo hehe) 🙂


During the month of September LELA is collecting funds for the HOPE Landing foundation in Arkansas. We will keep you posted on our Facebook page. Looking at all those LELA pictures of September, it will be a great month!


Dancing Chef Maaike

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