The Vegan Bowl

sd-tahini-bowlOne thing is for sure, a fresh approach to eating can change your life forever.
The secret to vegan sumptuous eating is the fact that anything goes.
A little bit of olive oil and a whole lot of gorgeous vegetables, nuts and grains make cooking an adventure while loaded with protein goodness.

I admit, my refrigerator used to have bits and pieces of chicken, marinated beef and all types of cheeses and butter from around the world. Milk and yogurt and fresh eggs.
Yes indeed! I was the original dairy maiden and loved it.

Cheese on or with everything, camembert with apples or a warm brie covered in walnuts, a couple of favorites. Bars of real butter for a traditional Christmas feast and incomplete without a chocolate pudding topped with fresh whip cream. My European ancestry insisted that I live true to my culture albeit I’m not French. But I am Dutch and love Gouda and another twenty cheeses with just about any fruit or better yet with just about anything. A butter and Gouda sandwich was always the go to snack. and …..

Wait, stop the press ! Stop this madness !

My article is meant to be about my vegan bowl. Not a French countryside picnic or the Dutch deli.
So, let’s move on, culinary memories of course are romantic notions from our past resting in a sea of conflicted humanity.
Our diets are like the tempestuous waters grasping for proof that what we are eating is good for us. Who knew ?
Marketing genius or a marketing madness ?
I’m not sure why I never thought about optimum health before.
But here we are with angels now dancing on my tongue.

Open the doors today and something quite pleasant and unexpected happens.
I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a summer garden, waiting for the sprinkler to pass so I can run in and yank another carrot out of the ground.
Heaps of spinach, which is a space hog by the way, surrounded with jars of nuts, raisins, oats and berries. The lettuce and avocado like old friends leaning into each other.
Cucumber water vying for a spot around the bowl with loads of papayas and pineapples, mangos and limes and apples. While the beans and rice wait for their place on a fresh cactus tortilla.
Mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli  and yams nearby ready to steam and a garden of herbs patrolling the bins.
My refrigerator has become the happiest place on earth.The healthiest place on earth and my body loves it as does my mental health.
”Tis true what they say about a mind and body connection.
At least just think about it and time will tell how you feel about optimizing your life.
In the meantime be happy, life is short and only willing to give you what you sew into it.
Be generous and share your happiness with those around you.
Most of all be grateful because in our gratitude we find the richest treasure in ourselves spilling over into our vegan bowls.


Luella Vee


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