Vegan for a meal!

As a Dancing Chef, It’s always important to keep up with food and health trends that are happening around the world. Recently there has been a huge vegan and vegetarian population that continues to grow. 

Eating healthy and exercising daily has always been a integral part of my life. Recently I have been researching the benefits of a vegan diet. Although there is still a lot of controversy, there is still no doubt, health benefits come from eating a vegan meal!

I have personally been experimenting with a lot more vegan recipes lately, which I will share one of my latest and favorite meals.

I made this recipe because I love Nopal and wanted to use the the cooked white corn and cooked wheat pasta I had leftover in my fridge 🙂


Nopal is the Mexican word for cactus. Yes, you can eat cactus! You can actually eat cactus ,’or nopal’, either raw or cooked. There are plenty of Mexican dishes with nopal, including salsas, salads, and taco recipes to name a few!

Gather your ingredients: 2 nopales chopped, 3/4 cup of wheat pasta, 1/2 cup of cooked white corn and 1 small avocado diced, salt, pepper, turmeric powder and coconut oil.

I seasoned  the pasta, nopales, and corn with salt, pepper, and ground turmeric powder. Turmeric is spice commonly used in indian and asian cuisines. It looks very similar and is a relative to the ginger plant. There are many health benefits to the turmeric spice. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, natural painkiller, antioxidant along with other studies that show it assists in treating depression, and improvement in brain function.

In a pan, drizzle coconut oil and place the heat on low/med. Next add in the chopped nopales, wheat pasta, avocado and corn. Sauté the ingredients for about 2 minutes.

unnamed (2)

Serve on a plate, and voila! You have your vegan meal ready to eat! Hope you enjoy! Please look forward for more vegan and vegetarian meals from your favorite Dancing Chef Melissa!

unnamed (3)

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