All Aboard!

Making the most of your cruise and the money you spend can be challenging if it’s your first cruise. Once you figure out a few of the puzzles onboard, cruising will be the most memorable and fantastic way to see the world.

My favorite thing about cruising is that I can see the world. I can check out a place & decide if I want to go back and spend more time. There are places I would never return to, so cruising makes for an easy inspection. After numerous cruises through the Caribbean, I thought it would be great to spend more time there. So I rented a house on St. John, flew to St. Thomas caught the ferry over and spent a glorious month diving, snorkeling and just soaking up the beauty the Caribbean has to offer.

Not having to unpack and worry about where to eat or what to see are truly some of the best benefits cruising has to offer lazy people like me. The Shorex onboard and their teams are a wealth of information. Some days I just don’t want to do anything when I cruise, they make that so easy for me 🙂


We all work hard and slowing down takes time which is why I always look for a ten to twelve day cruise verses the 7 day. One week just doesn’t give me those extra couple of days I need to really unwind.

One of my favorite tips is choosing the size of the dining room table and the time for dinner. I always say go for the table of 8 at the 8pm seating because chances are those people enjoy the company of other people and will have lots of fun stories to tell. If you get a table of 4 and dislike the other couple, well to bad because you will see them everyday, every meal LOL.


Also meeting new people gives you a chance to connect for a car rental or maybe some other activity where you can share the cost. When booking my cabin I always go for the mid ship and upper level. If the ship sails into high seas, then mid ship is more stable and there is less of a rocking effect. If you book the lowest level you may feel a slight vibration on the floor of your cabin. Of course this depends on which ship and the size of the ship. Generally if you stay mid ship and then mid level you’ll never go wrong.

Having just returned from the Baltic I checked off the Hermitage Museum, I will say that learning a few lines in Russian helped ease the divide I felt in St. Petersburg. I believe when I go to different places a few lines  or even just a few words help make the difference of the experience. People are warm and friendly when they see me try and this bridges the gap of that awkward moment on foreign soil.

Whether visiting an island nation, cruising the Panama Canal or taking a helicopter ride over the glaciers, cruising is the best way to feel secure and free at the same time.

Remember, we are all guests of the ships and the ports we visit. Always be ready to share your stories,spread your joy and respect those around the world.

Life is to short !

Happy Sailing! Luella Vee

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