DIY: Piñata by Dancing Chef Melissa

There is something special about creating something on your own rather than going out and purchasing it. To make something like a Piñata, may sound a little insane, as it takes time and effort, yet the end result is meant to be destroyed. Oh, but definitely worth it 🙂 My little helper Bella and myself had a fantastic time making this together. This was our first attempt at making a piñata and it surprised both of us of how much fun and easy it was to do. 


balloon(find the size and shape you would like to use. I went to the party store supply and found the big circle shaped balloon) newspaper(I would suggest using old newspapers or asking neighbors or local markets to donate some to you if you have none) streamers & tissue paper(colors of your choice) Elmer’s white glue (used to add decoration and color) scissors(to cut newspaper into strips/streamers and tissue paper into shapes needed) Paper mache paste: large bowl, whisk, water, flour & salt old hanger(for the hook to hang the darn thing!)



Cut the newspaper into strips so that they are ready to use. Next the paste. There are a variety of ways to make the paste, we opted for the non-heat paper mache paste. Add 1 cup flour and a couple pinches of salt into big plastic bowl. Slowly add water, mixing it with a whisk, until it becomes similar to a thin pancake consistency.


Once the glue is ready go start by dipping 1-2 strips completely drowned into the paste and place on the balloon. Use the tie as a mark, where the hook and candy filler will be on top center. You want to continue in a coordinated motion, so that it will fall equally covered entirely. Don’t be afraid to get dirty- that’s what makes it so much fun!

Once the first layer is finished place carefully to dry. Do not place it outside in the heat with direct sunlight. Somewhere dark and cool, where it can dry safely. Once dried, add second layer so that it is consistently covered, you want a piñata that is durable and fun to break.

Next: DECORATIONS! We chose to make a ‘Dragon ball Z’ piñata for the lucky 7 year old boy whose birthday theme was Dragon ball. You can choose whichever theme appropriate. Just make sure to purchase all the colors and supply you may need.

First glue and cover completely, with the color of choice you would like as a base. Once covered, you may want to use a pencil to make the marks you need, for different areas of colors or shapes you like. This way it will help keep the coordination come out the way you intend. Next we prepare the streamers, if you need to make cuts or shapes. We chose to cut them so that the consistency looks full. Start from the top  in a circular motion, glueing the streamers as needed.

Once the decoration is finished, it’s time for the hook. We cut a small whole at the top where the tie is, carefully added the candy and fun surprises inside! For the hook, we used an old hanger, cut the bottom(see photo below) place inside the whole to hold the weight of piñata, using the hook to tie to rope.

Voila! You are ready to hang and destroy that wonderful craft in just minutes 🙂


Enjoy the process and it will come out how you want 🙂 Good luck!

Love, Dancing Chef Melissa & Bella 🙂



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