Interview with Dancing Chef Karla



NAME:                                                 “Karla”

CITY YOU WERE BORN:                    “Mazatlan” 

CITIES YOU HAVE LIVED IN:           “Santa Barbara, California for a year”


YOUR FAVORITE MEAL TO EAT:    “Mexican & Italian”

FAVORITE SNACKS:                          “Cakes or Jicama with chili powder, depending                                                                 if I am going  sweet or salty!

HOW SPICY DO YOU ENJOY YOUR SALSA: “Medium. Love the flavor of the chili                                                                     but not the burning sensation.”

FAVORITE COCKTAIL:                     ” Straight up Tequila, NO shots, I like to sip it.”

FAVORITE NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK: “Coffee and infused-flavored waters”


PETS:                                                 ” I own a daschund named ‘Sagla'”

KIDS:                                                 ” 2 boys. Noé (1 and a half) Isaac (11)”

Karla 2 boys

GOALS:                                              “Travel more.” 

HOBBIES:                                          “Eat hahaha just kidding, the beach and walking                                                               the dog with my kids.”

FAVORITE MUSIC TO DANCE TO: “All kind of music!”

FAVORITE QUOTE:                         “Empowered woman, empower woman”

PERSONAL QUOTE:                        “But first, coffee!” 🙂

Karla Coffee

SHARE SOMETHING FUN ABOUT YOURSELF: “Obsessed with chocolate & coffee.                                                             Going to the beach makes me really happy!” 

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT SALSA AND SALSA: “Meeting new people                                                    and teaching them something new! See you soon!”

FullSizeRender (1)

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