Abuela’s Guac By Dancing Chef Alejandra



I’ve always had a passion for cooking salsas and dancing the salsa. I learned a lot from my family I was so lucky to have. My mother and  my aunts are all singers, our house parties always had mariachi bands or my uncle playing the guitar. Together we loved to sing to the melody of romantic Mexican  music.

Tequila was always in hand, specially  Tres Generaciones, my family’s favorite!  


And about the dancing, well, no party passed without some dancing as well.


My grandmother “Cuqui,” lived until the age of 98 in the beautiful port of Acapulco. Very sadly she just passed away about a year ago,  however her legacy stayed with us.  She was an amazing cook, our favorite meals where the meals she cooked! Oh!, did I mention she had one shot of tequila every day before lunch along with a margarita with lunch? She did not miss a single day, until the day she passed away. Best part is that she looked amazing until her very last day, was it the tequila? Who knows! Ha ha


I learned many recipes with my grandmother Cuqui. Besides spicy salsas and full on prepared Mexican meals, my favorite recipe is the Guacamole she used to make.

Ready? It is delicious!

images (1)


4         Mexican Hass avocados (the regular ones)

4         Raw Tomatillos

1/8    White Onion

1         Coriander bunch (Cilantro)

½      Squeezed Lime

1  tsp  Knorr Suiza

¼ tsp  Black pepper to taste

Place all the ingredients in the food processor  (of course you can use a molcajete! But the tomatillo needs to be crushed in the food processor, and if your using it already you might just do everything there  to simplify your washing ☺).  Serve with the avocado pit inside so the Guacamole doesn’t oxidize so fast.  This dish needs to be made and served immediately. Make sure you have tortilla chips(totopos) to serve with the guacamole ☺



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