My journey from cold Minnesota to the island life of Cozumel! by: Dancing Chef Brianna

My name is Brianna and I am a native born Minnesotan living in Cozumel.  Many people wonder how I ended up living here. Looking from a different perspective I can see the confusion, not many people think of living in a vacation destination as an actual option! I ended up living here after meeting my husband who is a Mexican citizen. He and I love living in Paradise together.

Even though my husband and I come from two different backgrounds and cultures we found ourselves learning and combining what we knew, which turned into a great life together. My husband’s love for cooking has expanded my palate to all sorts of different things, for example: super-spicy meals. Since I have moved to Mexico I have been able to appreciate that the authentic way of doing things, can truly add its own flare and tastes. I must also add that I have picked up the habit of adding fresh salsa and lime on top of all my meals.

I have added the love of travel to my life and have been blessed to branch into new territories. If you think about it, if I didn’t love to travel I would still be frozen in Minnesota! Just like all of you, I love to see and experience new things, try new foods, and visit beautiful places.


What I love about Cozumel is that it has all of those things combined into one island. I’m sure you can see why I fell in love with this island with the crystal blue water and lush jungle. Cozumel is full of great music, food, and people. Sampling a little bit of everything is a must! Here Salsa dancing is an every Saturday night thing for many people. I have lots of fun learning new dance moves and recipes. I am honoured and excited to join the Salsa and Salsa Team in Cozumel as it truly is the perfect job for me, as you can imagine!

Hope to meet you soon!

Dancing Chef Brianna


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