Looking for a quick easy delicious appetizer recipe everyone’s going to love?  Invited to a pot luck? Friends visiting? This Mexican Dip is great fun, even for the kids!!  Colorful & easy, perfect for inviting the kids to help make it, and as it’s best prepared the day before you serve, it’s a great time saver!   

  Simple, easy & fun !


                                                       Mexican Tortilla Chip Dip

*Mix together 2 packages of softened cream cheese, 450g sour cream & 2 tablespoons of (Old El Paso) taco seasoning, in bowl until well blended.

*Spread on bottom of serving dish and refrigerate for an hour.

*Take out serving dish from refrigerator and spread your favorite ‘RED’ or ‘GREEN’ salsa over mixture.

*Cover with a full package of TexMex Shredded Cheese (Kraft) and 1/2 pkg of: 3 color shredded cheddar cheeses.

*Refrigerate overnight & your dish is ready for everyone to enjoy !


Serve with your favorite Corn Tortilla Chip & your Mexican appetizer is ready!  You can always add some roasted chilies to serve along side for those who like it hot, hot, hot !! 

If you’re searching for more fun food ideas to serve with this one, try serving it along with your best guacamole recipe, some different heat level salsa’s, and of course we can never go wrong with quesadillas. For your veggie lovers, this dish is delicious served with celery, carrot, cucumber, zucchini &/or sweet bell-pepper sticks. Your friends & family will love all the colorful combo options.


Have Fun & Olé !!

-Dancing Chef Linda of Salsa and Salsa Cozumel

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