‘Angels’ receives help from LELA the Pig

LELA the Pig is flying all the way to Greece during February 2014. Thanks to your generous donations LELA can help out the disabled, abandoned and injured animals that “Angels Animal Shelter” takes in. Here is their story: 

Hand & Paw

Angels”-  Shelter & emergency care for disabled, wounded & abandoned animals

“Angels”: because the village where we live is called ANGELOCHORI, which literally means “Place of the Angels”…

We are just a (single) mom and her daughter doing this voluntary work. We love animals. Unfortunately in Greece there is no (state or municipal) funding available for shelters or organizations that take care of these emergency strays…  So you can imagine that with so many animals all my salary goes into their care.

Our shelter currently hosts 15 dogs and 7 cats, all of whom have either health problems or are too old to be placed out in families. And besides these 22 permanent residents, we also take care of any other animal that is wounded/hurt/abandoned/ etc. etc. and needs temporary healthcare and shelter. Of course we also take in other strays for whom we try to find permanent or foster homes.  We are able to place most of the young(er) dogs that come in either in foster care after they get well or we find them permanent families (“FUR”-ever homes) – mostly abroad. We have treated birds (owls, ravens, pigeons, etc.) but also hedgehogs and turtles. In our (Greek) village they call us the “crazy Dutch”, but whoever of our co-villagers – AND BEYOND our village –  have a problem with an animal – or finds an injured or a stray animal, they call us right away (even if it is in the middle of the night (or they just “dump” them in our garden as they know where we live).

My small car turns into an animal ambulance WAY TOO OFTEN ! And my veterinarian doctor who has become a real good friend over the past 8,5 years is always there to help…

It so happens that our vet also consults us on problems with animals and it has happened that we had to turn our living room into a clinic to tend to an operated dog around the clock because her veterinary clinic couldn’t handle the intensive care that animal would need.  We sometimes have drips hanging from a clothes hanger to the curtain railing in our living room, cleaning wounds, administering shots and providing intensive care to very serious cases.

Of the 15 dogs we take care of right now, 4 are heavily handicapped (2 dogs with 3 legs, 1 dog with paralysis of her hind legs and 1 huge dog who is in need of an operation to redress his severe hip and knee dysplasia on both hind legs…) and 3 have permanent health problems for which they need to take medication for the rest of their lives. That leaves us with 7 dogs with major health issues and 8 dogs that are quite healthy but so old that nobody wants to adopt them anymore. Most of these 8 ‘healthy’ residents were previously abandoned by their previous owners and found on the road (some of them hit by cars, but managed to get better in the meantime).

Of the 7 cats we have 2 cats with serious health problems… 1 female called Sahara (her fur skin has the color of the Sahara desert) because she is spastic and a male called Paul who is almost 13 years old and has diabetes. Leonie gives him 2 shots of insulin a day.  We took Paul in with his “brother” Oscar almost a month ago. They belonged to a colleague at work who died of cancer last  October. Both Oscar and Paul had no place to go (who wants old cats – especially if one needs to get shots twice a day for his diabetes problem?) Greece is a very tough place for animals…. It’s heart breaking what we have to deal with most of the time….

All the animals that we have are under constant veterinary care. And that costs a heap of money.

Now, with the winter in full bloom we need to be able to provide our animals (plus all the extra ones that come and go) with dog beds and blankets to keep them warm. I need to refurbish a place – or if possible build a new shed – for the “intensive care unit” outside my house in the garden with infra-red lamps that give off heat. I need to be able to keep on providing stray animals with anti-rabies vaccinations (rabies has returned to Greece after an absence of almost 100 years)….

There is always SOOOOO MUCH to do, that I can’t begin to even describe it.

Thank you sooooo very much for helping us in February.

Lots of love to all of you !

Eleonore & Leonie

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