Salsa and Salsa dancing into the New Year

Welcome 2013Understanding our purpose is not always so easy, running with the world’s pace is even more frustrating. We watch TV and hear stories about the unthinkable or we read the tales about explorers wondering how they achieved their goals.
In order for us to understand our purpose we have to think and make sure we have designed a solid plan for our lives.
resolutionEvery year millions of people make new years resolutions and then begin the first day of January worried and nervous and wondering when and why they are going to fail. Its almost part of the resolution knowing that it really won’t last anyway but – hey what the heck! I think New Years resolutions are quite ridiculous, because I feel that daily resolutions better serve us.
New years resolutions are made to be broken and if you think for one moment about that,  you’ll also see that everyone of us has daily personal challenges that we might spend a life time trying to correct or understand or even care to define. I love Rick Warrens book” The Purpose Driven Life” because through it all I come to understand that the greatest gift on earth is the privilege to understand your purpose and to be able to love.
I work with the most amazing group of woman better known as the Dancing Chefs. To tell you the truth, I wish I was starting out in my twenties working and dancing and wondering and dreaming about my life. Dreaming, no problem, time left on this planet, an issue!
The purpose of our show is to entertain but the back end of our show has a purpose much more important. At every show we collect for a different charity around the world through our Miss Lela (see and each month we give away hundreds of dollars to that charity.
dancing chefs 2012
We all feel and know and think the same about Miss Lela that our show has purpose, even heart and compassion.
Salsa and Salsa has reached over $30k for different charities around the world. We think its our purpose to help animals, sick and impoverished people on this planet, one dollar at a time, one day at a time, we forge ahead to make our purpose known.
This year and the next (just in case) my personal resolution will be to create a foundation for Lela, so that we can continue to Lead, Encourage, Live and Act as our beautiful creator intended.
This year we will all continue to Dance for those who can’t, to cook for the handicapped and continue to discover our purpose driven lives. Moving through the world and through ourselves to ignite the love we share.
Happy New Year from All the Dancing Chefs
And may you achieve your highest goals in the name of love!
dancing chef leonique

Fa la la la la…. Singing Chefs!

It might not come as a surprise that the Dancing Chefs are vibrant women who are active in their communities. But did you know that Dancing Chefs Cherine and Maaike share the same passion: singing! Cherine has recently started as a lead singer with a rock band and Maaike has participated as a choir member in famous opera’s like ‘La Boheme’ and ‘Carmen’, as well as classic works like ‘Requiem’ of Mozart. Here’s their story:

When and why did you start singing?


DC M. – Singing has always been a part of my life. It became a serious hobby until I was in college. The local church was looking for people to sing Celtic music  to record a CD and I decided to join. There’s  something about the harmony of voices that brings people together, even if you don’t know each other.


DC C. – I started singing in my high school band (ahem, a few years ago). I decided then and there that when I grew up, I was going to be a famous Rockstar! And guess what? I am a Dancing Chef which in my book… is so much better!

I started at my newest band ‘Tierra Firme’ only a few months ago. My “manager” (good friend of mine) was chatting with his musician buddy, when he told him about how they wanted to expand their bands repertoire and how an english female singer could probably attract different venues and events for them. Next thing I knew, I was auditioning with my “Manager” (friend) and “Bodyguard” (Husband)! I showed up to the audition with my hefty entourage….. everyone (including myself) got a real kick out of that night!

What is your favorite genre?

DC C. – I  like classic 70’s through today’s tune, although I feel that many of these latest tunes and bands lack a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

Singing chef Maaike

DC M. – I love to partipate in operas, because it’s so versatile. You get to sing, act and dress up all at the same time (that must be my inner child!). I’m a member of the Angela Peralta choir from Mazatlan. The interesting thing about the Angela Peralta choir is that its members are all volunteers. Nobody has a degree in music and the choir director teaches everbody from the basics to semi-professional level. Some choir members like Adan Perez have made it big time in e.g. the Metropolitan Opera House. This makes me very proud to be part of this local choir.

What’s your most memorable performance?

DC. M – A few years ago the Angela Peralta choir was invited to sing in Mexico-city. There were a total of 5 choirs plus a full orchestra (over 500 people!)  from different cities around Mexico that had to rehearse and perform ‘ Te Deum’ from Berlioz. We sang this concert in the San Juan Bautista church in Coyoacan. It was exhausting but so worth it!

encuentro de coros

DC. C – That will be in about 2 weeks from now, as I am in full rehearsal mode since joining my band  ‘Tierra Firme’!  I can’t wait to share these photos with all of you!


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