Salsa and Salsa Nassau: What happened behind the scenes

After months of planning and anticipation, the Dancing Chefs finally received the OK from the management at Atlantis to do two promo-shows. Between Oct 24th – 31st,  four Dancing Chefs flew from different Salsa locations to Nassau to prepare kitchen and wait staff and to rock the house with 2 groups! Amidst of all this craziness, hurricane Sandy passed over the island and made this an even more memorable experience. Here’s what the Dancing Chefs had to say:

What was your first impression when you knew that you were going to the Bahamas?

DC A. – Nervous and very excited. This is the first time that I’m doing shows outside of my home port. I had a hard time choosing what to wear for such important shows, but luckily DC L. gave me lots of advise.

How did you enjoy working with Bahamian residents?

DC C. –  Bahamians are very colourful people with wonderful smiles and unsurpassed energy. They were a treat to work with, because of their enthusiasm towards our show. We couldn’t have asked for more. They were even the loudest Olé shouters!

If you could have changed one thing about the trip, what would it have been?

DC M. –  I would have loved to see the Bahamas without hurricane Sandy. The grounds of Atlantis are wonderful, but we didn’t get to see much of it due to the bad weather and rains. For the first 3 days the hotel was at lock-down, but luckily there wasn’t any damage.  I guess I will have to come back soon.

Tell us a little more about the show…

DC A. –  I enjoyed a lot to work with other Dancing Chefs that I have never worked with before. It was a learning experience but also entertaining and fun. Now I feel more part of the world-wide Salsa team than before. And I’m excited to meet the new Nassau Dancing Chefs!

How was it to go down the Atlantis 90º waterslide?

DC L. –  Awesome crazy! Only DC A. and I did this ride. The waterslide is so fast, that I closed my eyes and didn’t even get to see the sharks on my way down…. believe me: it was once and never again!

What was the best part of the Dig?

DC L. – We took so many photos of this underwater world that it’s hard to choose. But I guess it would have to be the aquarium where the treasure is guarded by the piranhas!

What was the scariest part of the trip to Nassau?

DC C. – For sure landing in the Bahamas from Miami. I was on the first flight out of Miami after hurricane Sandy passed. It was still extremely windy and rainy. I even doubted to get on the plane. It was a rockiest ride I have EVER been on where the wings where tilting. The best moment was when we landed and everybody clapped.

When you come back, what would you do?

DC M. – Since we couldn’t leave the Atlantis hotel, I would definitely go and try Bahamian food on my next visit.  I’m all about trying new flavors, so I’m excited to try local ingredients like conch and yam!

Hasta pronto, Nassau!!

See you soon, Nassau!


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