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In the wake of the Ironman in Cozumel and the Maraton Pacifico in Mazatlan, Dancing Chef Stephanie shares her story about being healthy. We are very proud to present our $890 USD donation to Fred’s Team that was collected by LELA in October 2012.

Dancing Chef Stephanie’s road to the top

On January 8th of this year I took a decision that took me 22 years to take… that’s kind of hard to believe isn’t it??

I was born as a healthy baby with normal weight, but as a toddler I developed asthmatic bronchitis, this lead to several complications that took me in and out of the hospital several times as a kid. The doctor’s recommendation was no running or any kind of activity that will give me a good work out, plus lots of medicine that included cortisone. Those two of course plus the pampering of my parents took me straight to being an obese child.

During my adolescence I wanted to drop weight and look good, I tried several different diets but again very little to no exercise. I dropped some weight but never got to my ideal size. I don’t want to sound like weight was all it was in my mind, but as a child and adolescence bullying affects you psychologically a lot and makes your defects stand out every day. When I got out of high school I focused more in my schooling and let go on my strict diet which made me gain back the weight I lost.

This year I decided it was enough; I was not going to let anyone tell me I couldn’t do something I needed to do for myself. I signed up at the gym without knowing what to expect and committed with myself to do cardio for 1hr a day, at least 5 days a week, which I did for the first 3 months. Those months were rough, I felt like my lungs were too weak, my heart was going to pop out my chest and my legs wouldn’t stop hurting ever. It was definitely a struggle every day to get out of my bed and go do it. I was losing some weight but my skin wasn’t going back to its place properly so after researching I realized I had to get a personal trainer to start doing weights. Well that was scary because all my life I thought that if I did that I was going to look bulky and my body will turn manlish. It happens to be totally opposite if you have a professional by your side that knows your problematic areas that you really want to work out and make firm, you will focus on that.

By April I started personalized routines with my trainer who is amazing. I’m not going to lie they were a totally different challenge from my regular everyday cardio, but I was focussed on what I had to get done and always felt so proud to go from the person on the couch watching TV to this very active person. I was feeling better, I had more energy and I noticed I wasn’t getting sick every month like I used to. About every month I had a cold, cough, allergies or flu, suddenly I was off any kind of medication.

In summer time I started having knee problems which I have always had, but I guess the regular work out made it more noticeable. I went to the doctor to check on that and his first recommendation was no more working out. “But why???”  especially if I was feeling so well.  He gave me medication and pulled me out of the gym for a week, which made me feel awful mentally and physically. I had a goal that I was managing to keep and again my health was going to stop me. Well, I called my trainer and she said she has had several clients that have been injured somehow and they just work around it, making sure that you don’t overdo that part of your body. So I got back to the gym and I haven’t stop ever since. I try to do 7 days a week but if I do 5 I feel like I’m still following what I was committed to.

My lungs are stronger, my attitude is more positive and I feel so proud of myself. If you are going to work out I would recommend you to get a personal trainer that will guide you through very good routines as well as take care of you while training. Just so you know I have not gotten to my goal weight but I’m sure pushing it every day to make that happen, I want stay healthy for myself and my loved ones.


Dancing Chef Stephanie

Salsa and Salsa Nassau: What happened behind the scenes

After months of planning and anticipation, the Dancing Chefs finally received the OK from the management at Atlantis to do two promo-shows. Between Oct 24th – 31st,  four Dancing Chefs flew from different Salsa locations to Nassau to prepare kitchen and wait staff and to rock the house with 2 groups! Amidst of all this craziness, hurricane Sandy passed over the island and made this an even more memorable experience. Here’s what the Dancing Chefs had to say:

What was your first impression when you knew that you were going to the Bahamas?

DC A. – Nervous and very excited. This is the first time that I’m doing shows outside of my home port. I had a hard time choosing what to wear for such important shows, but luckily DC L. gave me lots of advise.

How did you enjoy working with Bahamian residents?

DC C. –  Bahamians are very colourful people with wonderful smiles and unsurpassed energy. They were a treat to work with, because of their enthusiasm towards our show. We couldn’t have asked for more. They were even the loudest Olé shouters!

If you could have changed one thing about the trip, what would it have been?

DC M. –  I would have loved to see the Bahamas without hurricane Sandy. The grounds of Atlantis are wonderful, but we didn’t get to see much of it due to the bad weather and rains. For the first 3 days the hotel was at lock-down, but luckily there wasn’t any damage.  I guess I will have to come back soon.

Tell us a little more about the show…

DC A. –  I enjoyed a lot to work with other Dancing Chefs that I have never worked with before. It was a learning experience but also entertaining and fun. Now I feel more part of the world-wide Salsa team than before. And I’m excited to meet the new Nassau Dancing Chefs!

How was it to go down the Atlantis 90º waterslide?

DC L. –  Awesome crazy! Only DC A. and I did this ride. The waterslide is so fast, that I closed my eyes and didn’t even get to see the sharks on my way down…. believe me: it was once and never again!

What was the best part of the Dig?

DC L. – We took so many photos of this underwater world that it’s hard to choose. But I guess it would have to be the aquarium where the treasure is guarded by the piranhas!

What was the scariest part of the trip to Nassau?

DC C. – For sure landing in the Bahamas from Miami. I was on the first flight out of Miami after hurricane Sandy passed. It was still extremely windy and rainy. I even doubted to get on the plane. It was a rockiest ride I have EVER been on where the wings where tilting. The best moment was when we landed and everybody clapped.

When you come back, what would you do?

DC M. – Since we couldn’t leave the Atlantis hotel, I would definitely go and try Bahamian food on my next visit.  I’m all about trying new flavors, so I’m excited to try local ingredients like conch and yam!

Hasta pronto, Nassau!!

See you soon, Nassau!

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