Social Media

Blog: Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual.

Likes, hearts(<3), pluses(+), pins, stars(*), re-post, re-blogs, tumbles and re-tweets. The majority of people everywhere will admit to knowing at least one or more of these keywords. Thanks to social media, these keywords are becoming more and more familiar.
The social media now plays a huge part in our everyday life. Whether you are sharing photos on Facebook of the cruise vacation you just came back from, or you are the communications director for a company and must keep updates on Twitter, in the end you are a participant in the social media and advancements in technology.

Using a pen or pencil or even reading a newspaper is becoming obsolete. Nowadays it is a very common part of the morning routine to include: checking your e-mail, reading the news online, and checking your social media networks. The social media allows easy access for sharing information around the globe via web.

There are many positives to the social media and the growth of technology. You can use YouTube to share personal videos, you can use Facebook to upload photos of your newborn child, you can share ideas on Pinterest with your friends, the list goes on and on. Instant updates or instant news reports can be very convenient as well. You will instantly know when you will need to bring your umbrella with you to work, or which way to drive to the grocery store so that you miss the traffic by using a simple weather application or traffic application on your phone.


Even private schools and universities are slowly beginning  to change because of the social media hype along with the growth in technology. Some schools are weeding out text books to be replaced by iPads and iBooks.

It is very common for a household to carry: smart phones, laptops, desktops, iPods, iPads and more.

Although there are a few downfalls to the growth of technology and the social media. One con would have to be invasion of privacy. There have been hundreds of horror stories of your friends or co-workers accidentally sharing the wrong photos or the wrong messages. Another negative would have to be that we are loosing the traditional way of reading a book or writing a story with a pencil and paper. These are becoming replaced with Kindles and laptops.

Even if you are reading this “blog,” you are participating in the ideas of social media 🙂   I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic.



Dancing Chef Melissa

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