A day at the Cozumel Humane Society

The Humane Society of Cozumel is probably one of the most overlooked organizations on the entire island. This is strange to me because it seems to have the most impact, especially in a place where taking in and caring for animals is a job that not many will do. At least that was the impression I got when I visited them myself. The building itself doesn’t look like much. It’s hot, mosquitoes bite you in packs of 10 and 20 and the enclosures are well-maintained even though they aren’t the highest quality. However, the animals are very happy there. This is because the people that run this place and take care of the animals do such an amazing job with so little. So, when I went down there during the summer to see this place for myself, I was pleasantly surprised.

I went there to become a foster parent for a puppy, and when they brought him out, my heart melted. He was so cute. His name is Corcho, and he seemed just as happy to see me as I was to see him. That is, until it was bath time. He clawed and shook and tried everything he could to run away, but he was too little. It was so adorable. When the time came to take him home, everybody seemed almost sad to see him go, which was certainly understandable.


The next couple weeks with Corcho were interesting to say the least. Although he was the most adorable little puppy, he was in fact a puppy. So, naturally, he was nowhere near housetrained. I tried to be a strict parent with him. But he would look up at me with that puppy dog face, and my heart would just melt all over again. He really was the nicest, sweetest dog. Dancing Chef Amanda fell in love with the little guy right away and it took no time for her to realize he was going to be the perfect addition to her family.


In the very short time that I took care of Corcho, we really bonded. So when it was time for him to go to his new home, it was really hard on me. But as sad as I was, I was even happier knowing that Corcho had found a good home where he could be with a parent that would love him as much as I did. This made me realize how hard it must be for the staff of the Humane Society. It was hard enough for me to say goodbye once. I couldn’t imagine saying goodbye over and over again as I watch countless animals that I cared for go off to their new homes. It must be very emotional for them. But at the same time, I could only imagine how much better they feel knowing that they’re sending these animals to a loving home when they were cast aside to the streets. I think, for me, the joy I would get from knowing that I’ve saved so many lives would be well worth the sadness that comes with watching them go.


All the Dancing Chefs are big animal lovers and it wasn’t hard for us to decide to donate to the Humane Society of Cozumel in March. I was extremely lucky to be on the island to give the donations along with Dancing Chef Amanda; collected by our Donating Pig LELA, who managed to get to the grand total of $1,751.00 USD.


They are changing the lives of so many animals, not only giving them great families but educating the locals about animal rights, as well are neutering and spaying.

So, next time you’re in Mexico and see an animal on the streets, just think about how many animals don’t have to live that way, thanks to the incredible work of the staff at the Humane Societyof Cozumel. When you think of getting a new pet, ADOPT!!! Don’t buy. You can visit the Humane Society at:  http://humanecozumel.org/ to make a donation or adopt an animal from Cozumel.

Dancing Chef Stephanie.

5 de Mayo – Fun and Facts

I’ll bet you $5 bucks 5 De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day!”
Hands down 5 de Mayo is my favorite holiday to celebrate in the USA! Why? Well, because it is a fun excuse to run around in a sombrero, drink delicious mexican imported beers and eat yummy guacamole and pico de gallo!

Once the date gets closer to the 5th of May or “5 de Mayo,” across the USA you will begin to hear about the “5 de Mayo” specials, the “5 de Mayo” celebrations and house parties beginning to form for the special holiday in the weeks ahead. All the grocery stores you walk into have the tortilla chips, salsa dips, mexican imported beer and margarita mix all ready on the store’s biggest displays. They arrange all the fun food items, beverage items and paraphernalia in a way that you could almost buy it as packaged deal. Any Mexican Restaurant you pass are generally decorated over the top, full of specials and “5 de Mayo” happy hours and loud music to attract any “5 de Mayo” fan.

The most shocking thing that I have found that some Americans confuse the “5 de Mayo” holiday for “Mexican Independence Day” or even worse “Mexican New Year.” I am lucky to have dual citizenship. This means I am both American and Mexican. So I try to keep up with history on both sides of the border. I love to make joking bets with friends while they sip on their Coronas and truly believe that we are celebrating “Mexican Independence Day.”

The 5th of May is not nearly celebrated in Mexico as in the USA. 5 de Mayo marks a day in the year 1862, when the Mexican Army won a battle in Puebla, Mexico against the French Army. General Ignacio de Zaragoza fortified the Cerro de Guadalupe against the French invaders, and on May 5th 1862, his 2000 men defeated a frontal attack by 6000, many handicapped by diarrhea. This rare Mexican military is the excuse for annual celebrations and hundreds of streets named 5 de Mayo. Few seem to remember that the following year the reinforced French took Puebla and occupied the city until 1867.  Touché! Nowadays on 5th of May, all Mexican men that registered for military service have to swear their loyalty to the national flag and the institutions that they represent. This year it will be 150 years since the Battle of Puebla and the city Puebla will host a unique festival with a re-enactment of the battle.

And for those of you who wonder: Mexican Independence Day is actually on September 16th.

5 de Mayo has become a holiday where Americans celebrate Mexican culture and just have fun. You can almost compare it to St. Patricks Day in the USA, which we claim we are celebrating the Irish. Like most holidays in the USA, it is a great excuse to gather with friends and family and have fun.

Happy 5 de Mayo !!!!

– Dancing Chef Melissa

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