Organic gardening in Cabo San Lucas

My love of Organic Gardening and the world around us, started at a very young age. Watching my mother compost around a huge, very old Douglas fir tree in Canada.  Moving to Mexico in 1990 for me was just another step in the ever-evolving education of Organic gardening and cooking.

We purchased virgin land in Mexico and as the construction of our bed and breakfast boutique hotel progressed, I sat above the workers listening to them sing and laugh, working in the intense heat of the day and drew the plan of our garden. We wanted to plant in a way that would allow the indigenous species as well as ornamental and eatable to grow together.

Our B and B was known as Casa Terra Cotta i.e. CTC.  The first photo you will see the workers constructing on our virgin land, the beginning of 4 Casitas and a main building housing the kitchen and an outdoor kitchen. The next photo shows you the culmination of 16 years of Organic Gardening and Perma Culture way of planting (intermingling indigenous species with eatable and ornamental varieties) building on a terraced landscape.  We recycled all shower and laundry water into the terraced landscape through underground piping. All the organic waste from our commercial kitchen went into composting the entire 1/3 acre. Hedging was done with Neem trees and other low-water required vegetation.


Years later, those efforts were well realized. The hours of digging, planting and waiting for the shade and fruit trees, vegetables and herbs to mature were wonderful.  Eventually, we supplied our commercial kitchen with fruits, herbs and vegetables from our own Organic Garden.  So many great people have helped me to understand the soil, the climate and the art of growing food inMexico. The articles and cook books by the great Diana Kennedy, here in Mexico was the first.

The third photo shows the pathway to the kitchen and also my husband Robert and me. He was the designer and contractor for our entire development, me Chief Cook, Gardener and Bottle Washer…ha…ha..ha…we loved every moment of our life in the B and B business.


Keeping in touch with our planet and Mother Nature is an integral part of our being. Our children need to know food does not originate in a box or can, but from the beauty of the soil and its nutrients – in an Organic way to be in harmony with the needs of our planet. Here in beautiful Los Cabos Organic is a way of life and is now taught in our schools. Viva Mexico!

Dancing Chef Sharon

Cabo Dancing Chefs receive award from Disney Cruise lines

In the footsteps our our Fabulous Lela, we, your Los Cabos Chefs, strive to follow her LEAD, by Encouraging all who walk though our doors, Live our shows to the fullest and Act as if it was our guests last activity.

I am very proud to share with you all, the acknowledgement that was presented to the Cabo Chefs yesterday by Martha Rose from Tropical Tours. She personally delivered these a few moments to showtime and it made the day just a little brighter.
A whole hearted Thank you to Disney for this great certificate. If we are not mistaken, this was the Disney show on Jan 19th 2012 with our special needs guest Shyla. We HAD A BLAST  with her!

With a heart-felt Olé!!!

Dancing Chefs Cherine, Victoria and Sharon

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