Baseball in Mazatlan, Mexico

Baseball is one of the most popular sports worldwide. I grew up in Florida where a large amount of Major League Baseball teams would go for Spring Training. It was always fun spending time with friends and family at the games that we were able to attend. I was always fond of the time spent with good people but I was never fond of the sport. When I used to think about baseball, I would think of the words quiet, serious, boring and lastly hot dogs. Though, that quickly changed once I moved to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Mazatlan actually translates to “land of the deer” in the language of Nahuatl, which is an ancient Aztec language. This is where the local baseball team name was derived from because Mazatlan’s local team is called “Los Venados” which in english translates to “The Deers.”

When I moved to Mazatlan all the locals seemed to be very excited about the baseball season that was approaching. I wanted to experience  everything I could so I followed the crowd to my first baseball game in Mexico. The first game of the season made me change the way I felt about baseball. The pre-show of the baseball game had a spectacular show was packed with excitement of the people from Mazatlan. The pre-show began with an amazing choreographed dances and ended with a beautiful array of fireworks.

My family has been season ticket holders now for about 6 years. Of course like any other team, Los Venados, have their share of good seasons and their share of bad seasons. The one thing that does not change is the spirit of the crowd and the wonderful snacks and loud music they play as part of the show. You will find hot dogs and beer like in any other stadium in the United States, but they also have many other fun mexican style snacks to choose from. My favorite snack is called “elotes” which is basically white corn in a cup with cheese, cream and chili sauce or powder. It sounds strange but never judge without a try! The most popular snack they offer is called “salchichas” which is similar to a hot dog sausage and is sliced and topped with lemon and hot sauce. Now when I think about baseball the word exciting, loud, fun and salchichas!

If you have the pleasure to come to Mazatlan during baseball season I do suggest you experience the thrill of the game. Don’t forget to wear the color red and root for our local team “Los Venados!”



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