Mexican summer drinks – Micheladas and Rusas

Summer is drawing to a close and in many parts of the US and Canada autumn has set in. However Mexico is still feeling the heat and humidity of summer. Nothing quenches thirst better than a Mexican summer drink. Of course all of you know how to make (virgin) margaritas, but you might not know how to make these. A Michelada contains alcohol, while a Rusa could be considered the virgin version of the same drink.

A ‘Michelada’ is basically beer with tomato juice (or Clamato), lime juice and spices. A Michelada is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. There are numerous variations of the beverage throughout Mexico and Latin America.  The origin of the word ‘Michelada’ is not clear. The word ‘chela’ is a popular way to call a beer in Mexico. It comes from the English word ‘chill’. When you ask for a chela you are asking for a cold beer. ‘Mix’ comes from the mix of sauces added to the beer. Therefore putting the two words together Mix-chela sounds like Michelada. Others argue that it stands for “Mi Chela Helada”, meaning ‘My cold beer’.

Recently, major beer producers have begun marketing these prepared beers. But as true Dancing Chefs we don’t like anything that isn’t fresh. There are 2 ways of preparing a Michelada, with or without tomato juice. It’s up to you to decide which version you like most. So go to the store, get some limes and tomato juice and let’s get started…….


1 beer

2 ounce of lime juice or juice of 2-3 limes

5 ounce of tomato juice (or Clamato if available)

1/8 ounce of Worchester sauce

Salt to taste

Ice cubes


Put some lime juice on one plate and salt on another. Put the glass upside down and sit in the lime juice. Then put the glass in the plate with salt and salt the rim of the glass.

Add ice cubes to the glass, the tomato juice, lime juice, Worchester sauce and salt to taste. Stir to mix the ingredients and fill the glass with beer. Stir again and your Michelada is ready!


If you want to make a Rusa, the preparation is similar. This is a great drink when it’s hot outside and it’s low in calories too!


Juice of 2-3 limes

Salt to taste

Ice cubes


Salt the rim of the glass as mentioned in the Michelada recipe. Add the ice cubes, lime juice and salt to taste. Stir to mix the ingredients and then fill up with mineral water. As you can see this is similar to a lemonade but without the sugar.


Hope you enjoy these recipe as much as we do!



Paws up for the Dancing Chefs!

It’s no secret that all the Dancing Chefs are big animal lovers! We already supported the pets from Joplin, which were victims of the tornado in May. Sadly enough in Mexico there are many street dogs and cats that have to fend for themselves. In Los Cabos for instance, there is no governmental agency to address the problem of homeless domestic animals living on the streets.

Luckily the Los Cabos Humane Society has taken it upon itself to promote the humane treatment of domestic animals through education, pet population control, rescue and adoption. In 2010 they performed 3100 surgeries (580 more than was budgeted!), 352 total adoptions, educated over 1500 local school children and made several much needed improvements to the Centre. This year they have a very ambitious goal of sterilizing 6000 animals in the Los Cabos area and they will be setting up a “mobile clinic” in San Jose neighborhoods working in conjunction with Servicios Publicos (department that cleans the city). Their operating budget in 2010 was $21,500 USD per month. For 2011 they have budgeted 23,200 per month to help them reach this year’s goals.

We are pleased to announce that Lela the Donating Pig has collected $327USD to allow the Los Cabos Humane Society to continue their wonderful labour.


Dancing Chef Heidi from Cabo has her own personal connection with the Los Cabos Humane Society. Here’s a photo of Heidi with her cats “Kaliman” (L) and “Zsa Zsa” (R)… It might not be the greatest shot but it’s not easy to photograph cats who don’t want to be photographed haha (as you can probably tell by the way Kaliman is trying to claw his way to freedom!)


She brought Kaliman home from the shelter when he was about two years old. A year later, she found Zsa Zsa living in a tree next to her apartment (she was only about 4-6 weeks old at the time). So, she took her in and the two have been in love with each other ever since (just check out the photo hehe) 🙂


During the month of September LELA is collecting funds for the HOPE Landing foundation in Arkansas. We will keep you posted on our Facebook page. Looking at all those LELA pictures of September, it will be a great month!


Dancing Chef Maaike

Panuchos: a typical delight from the Yucatecan kitchen

Yucatecan food is unique in Mexico. It is a delicious blend of Mayan, Mexican, European, Caribbean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Formerly, the Yucatan Peninsula was considered remote from the rest of Mexico due to its lack of roads. The cities of Yucatan had more cultural and commercial exchange with Europe, especially France, New Orleans and Cuba. This influenced different areas of life such as architecture, clothing, and cooking. The coastal region of theYucatan peninsula includes flavours of the sea: ceviche and sea bass in ‘tikinxik’-style. Here the fish is marinated with Achiote and sour oranges, then wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in an earth oven beneath a wood fire. There are also tasty shrimp cocktails of oyster, snail “Chivita”, octopus and squid. 

I personally love the Yucatecan food. The mix of flavors is I would say

“Out of this world”.        



One of my favorite meals is called “Panuchos “.  It’s something you should definitely try.


  • 1 kg. corn dough for tortillas
  • 100 grams flour
  • salt to taste
  • 2 cups refried black beans
  • 3 cups roasted chicken, shredded
  • Pork lard or vegetable oil for frying
  • Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and avocado

For the onion salsa:

  • 2 red onions, sliced ​​
  • 10 peppercorns
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 / 2 cup vinegar
  • Salt to taste


 First mix the corn dough with the flour, salt to taste and enough water to make it manageable. Heat a ‘comal’ or frying pan (without oil or butter). Use a tortilla press or rolling pin to make the tortillas and put them one by one on the ‘comal’. Turn the tortilla around, when the top part gets cracked and dry. The tortilla is ready when it starts to inflate. Remove from the ‘comal, slice open halfway and blow in it so it does not reattach.

Spread a bit of refried beans inside the tortilla (about a tablespoon in each tortilla) and close. Heat a frying pan with pork lard or vegetable oil. Fry the tortillas filled with beans in the pan and then drain on paper towels.

Put the sliced ​​onions in a heat-resistant bowl. Add boiling water to cover the onions and let it stand for 5 minutes. Drain well and add the vinegar, peppers, oregano and salt. Let it stand for at least 1 hour.

Prepare the ‘panuchos’ by placing first a bit of lettuce, then chicken, sliced ​​tomato, avocado and cucumber slices and top it off with the red onions.

I hope you enjoy it,

Dancing Chef Amanda       OLE!!!!!


To Blog or Not to Blah ?

 Why has blogging become so popular over the past years ? I read blogging started around 1997 and has grown from there. When asked by one of my employees why I rarely blog, I thought about it and realized that lots of blogs are just that, blah, blah, blah.

It should be called blah-ging due to the useless information, not in all cases of course, but most are so dull and politically driven.

 There are so many types of blogs now. Personal blogs, corporate blogs, fashion, travel and artist blogs.

 A blog blog here, a blog blog there, here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog blog, Oh my goodness what a world E-I-E-I-O

Actually blogging can be fun but I realized most blogs are never read, only a few, corporate blogs trying to find followers. The blah-gers point of view now-a days is dotted with illegalities, some people have been fired from their jobs for blogging, others for not blogging.

Then there’s Twitter. Again, like blog, the word Twit is appropriately found within Twitter. I wonder if that’s how it got its name. What sort of a Twit, thinks people really care what they wrote. Guess what, a lot of twitters out there! Ostracizing the paparazzi while tweeting from their secret location. Sounds like a game of hide and tweet!

Me, I am sitting here in the tropics at 1am writing about blogs and twitter, listening to the hum of my air conditioner,while figs are being pelted on the rooftop amidst a thunderous rain storm outside. The storm woke me up, no actually my sheppard woke me up and then a chain of mental events led me here with laptop in bed to spill my thoughts for the blah-g on our website.

My business follows the accepted standard method of operation. Blogging and Twitter, a website and of course our web log are all part of showing the world that we rock , when it comes to the modern day computer slavery.

My company has come a long way over the past few years and largely in part to the professional staff of Dancing Chefs and the funtastic product we offer. Our show,  tour,  excursion,whatever you want to call it,  still stands for the good ole school of giving the client what they want, what they pay for. And that of course is value and service, the secret to success!

I assure you it hasn’t been because we have been writing witty blah-gs or tweeting. We still stand with both feet firm on the ground, rather than sit with our legs up on the desk and blog. We still use conventional wisdom and sound proof quality, coupled with personalized service..

As far as our blogs and tweets are concerned, ‘baby, we come a long way’ to coin an old phrase but we are still miles away from that steady entry, bound to fall upon someone’s eyes, even if only for one comment, one moment, one short blog in time.

The rain and wind are pushing on the windows and doors now and I am reminded that I told someone a few days ago, I would blog about the hurricane season. And since blogging doesn’t require the writer to actually confirm historical legal facts, I think I will quickly leave this blogosphere and turn towards the atmosphere and see what’s really going on. Perhaps a few more creative chaotic names for this hurricane season.

It may be time to lower the storm shutters,and get some sleep and wonder why I spent the past 30 minutes, okay one hour writing about absolutely nothing.

Wait a minute…. Did I mention that Salsa and Salsa collected over 10k this year to help needy people and animals around the world? I should have blogged about that!

I better get some rest now, because in a couple of hours the birds start tweeting.

A tweet tweet here, a tweet tweet there, here a tweet,there a tweet, everywhere a tweet tweet, On my goodness what a world E-I-E-I-O

Sleep well !

Ole” Leonique

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