Dancing Chef Stephanie discovers Chichen Itzá

My summer in Cozumel has brought amazing experiences and great adventures. Since I arrived to the Mexican Caribbean I knew I had to visit the most important Mayan city Chichen Itzá.

The moment you walk in to the city everything seems to take you back to the moments when Mayans lived there as a community, interacting, working, building, studying, and even praying.

The city is built to honour several Gods but also as our cities nowadays it had places to entertain big crowds like with Ulama which was a ball game played just with their hips, where they had to score with a ball in a hoop placed several feet up high.

Observatory, Nunnery, Platforms, Tombs, numerous pillars, temples, altars and even a well made up this magnificent city.

Probably the main thing that catches your attention as you walk is the Castle or Temple of Kukulkan which is the main icon of the city, but not a lot of people know the magic of this pyramid and that is that twice a year in the spring and fall equinox that the sun aligns with the pyramid which creates a shadow that represents a snake comming down from the top of the Temple.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of the new 7 wonders I would put Chichen Itzá on the top of the list, you won’t regret it!!


Dancing Chef Stephanie

Lela the Pig helps pets from Joplin

The Dancing Chefs love to cook and dance, but what they love above all: …… their pets! Therefore it wasn’t a hard choice to support the animals that were victims of the tornado that struck Joplin Missouri in May. All the donations from the month of June will go to the Joplin Humane Society. We’re proud to announce that we collected a total of $457USD!

Natural disasters are unpredictable and usually very destructive. Humans have learned in some way or another to guard themselves from cyclones, tornados, and flooding and earth quakes. But our four-legged companions haven’t….  The tornado in Joplinwas a clear example of this. More than 900 animals found shelter in the Humane Society installations – three times its usual inventory. Many dogs and cats, some with cuts, infections and broken bones became separated from their owners in the chaotic aftermath of the May 22 twister.

The Joplin Humane Society is determined to find a home for every cat and dog that wasn’t claimed by their owner. To that end, an “Adopt-a-thon” was held during the weekend of June 25-26, where animals that hadn’t been claimed by their owners were given away free to good homes, after being spayed and neutered.  We were excited to find out that all tornado animals found a home: that means a total amount of 745 adoptions in 2 days!

We will continue to follow this wonderful organisation that has done so much for our most loyal companions…. Our pets!

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